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  • Tropical Tidbits - Excellent resource for spatial plots of NWP runs
  • NCAR/RAL Tropical Cyclone Guidance - Numerical track and intensity guidance for all global TCs
  • NCEP GEFS Plumes - Visualization of spaghetti plots of GEFS ensemble members (ex: QPF, surface temp, etc.)
  • NOAA Ensemble Situational Awareness Table
  • PSU Weather Wall - The old standby for "one-stop-shopping" of NWP output
  • Capital Weather Gang - Not only for DC weather, but excellent introduction to more nuanced topics from forecasting to understanding storm impacts
  • Climate

  • ESRL/PSD Boulder Floods - Compendium of meteorology, observations, and impacts of 2013 Colorado floods
  • NOAA/NCEP State of the Climate - Wealth of information about ongoing developments in the climate system
  • Other

  • Fangraphs - I occasionally moonlight as a sabermetric columnist
  • MGoBlog - Go Blue!